About Us

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Kid’s Traffic-land is a unique and fun way for children to learn the rules of the road,
by getting into battery operated cars or bikes and driving on make-believe

roads with traffic signs and robots.

Dressed up police officers are present to guide the children along the roads

and teach them the basic operation of the vehicles and what to do at what signs.

It was born in 2008 on a mobile birthday party basis.

Gauging from its popularity with the kids and the positive response from the

parents we have now found our own premises in Balfour Park Shopping Centre.

Being an upwardly mobile kid citizen in Traffic-land is truly and fundamentally

an educational experience for the child in many different ways.

Kids love to simulate and Kid’s Traffic-land is an outstanding venue for them to simulate
their parents day to day activities which incorporate social cooperation such as

observing the rules of the road and being stuck in traffic.

It all begins with child being issued a driver’s license when they have completed a round on the road successfully, which they have to keep safe as not only will they not

be able to drive without it, but it can be loaded with money which

will be redeemed for rides whenever they visit Traffic-land.

  Just a few benefits for the children are:  

They learn patience and respect.

They learn obedience and abiding by the rules of the road.

They learn to be courteous drivers.

They learn the fundamental values of road safety.